How Can I Become a Leader Dog Instructor?

At Leader Dog, this is one of most commonly asked questions we hear. Qualified candidates are hired in as an apprentice instructor when we have openings, unless they have already been certified as a guide dog mobility instructor (GDMI). Generally, the apprentice program is a three-year, on-the-job program that also includes successfully completing a variety of online modules, required readings and hands-on experience. Apprentices are evaluated at the end of each year through a test of their learning before they are able to move to the next level of the apprentice program. Once they have successfully completed three years of the program and passed the final exam, they are certified as a GDMI. Our apprentices are paid during this apprentice program, but it is very intense and similar to working toward a bachelor’s degree. It is important to realize that this role is not all about training dogs; an equally important aspect is working with and training our clients who are blind or visually impaired to work with a guide dog.

Is there a degree program to become an instructor?

There is no degree that completely pertains to training Leader Dogs. Our trainers come from various walks of life. There are degree programs or classes that may be beneficial to you if you are interested in this line of work. Animal behavior classes, dog obedience and training classes would help a lot. The more time and experience you can get working around and with dogs the better. Classes are often held at humane societies, which are also good places to volunteer. Any training or experience working with people who have disabilities is also helpful. Previous experience or classes in orientation and mobility are particularly helpful when working with the blind and visually impaired.

Here are some other good websites for more information on guide dogs schools:

Can I apply for a job as an apprentice instructor?

We always post our openings for apprentice instructors on our website. If you feel you meet the qualifications as outlined in the job description, we encourage you to apply.