Guide Dog Training

A man walks toward the camera on a downtown sidewalk with his yellow lab Leader Dog in harness to his left. On the other side of the Leader Dog, a female Leader Dog instructor walks beside and slightly behind them

Since 1939 Leader Dogs for the Blind has operated one of the world’s most respected and innovative guide dog programs. The free, 25-day residential training program welcomes clients who are legally blind, at least 16 years old, have good orientation and mobility skills and are able to care for their dog.

Training is personalized for each client. Thanks to sophisticated breeding, puppy raising and dog training programs, Leader Dog is able to match clients with a dog that best fits their lifestyle, travel pace, physical size, stamina and other considerations. Clients have the opportunity to train with their guide dog in a wide variety of situations to fit their current and future needs, including urban, suburban and rural locations; college campuses; busy stores and malls; public transit and other environments.

Application Overview