Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

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Source: Dr. Tara Svatos, Midwest Eye Consultants
– Granger, IN

Now that summer has finally arrived, we are spending more time outside, which exposes us to the ultraviolet radiation (UVR) of the sun. Most people are aware of the damage the sun does to our skin. However, many people are unaware of the damage the sun’s rays can cause to our eyes.

You are at risk of UVR overexposure even if you aren’t sunbathing. The amount of UVR exposure your eyes receive depends on the degree of UVR reflection. Sand, water, concrete and snow reflect large amounts of UVR, resulting in high exposure.

UVR-related eye disorders include skin cancers of the eyelids, corneal burns, corneal degeneration, corneal and conjunctival growths, cataracts and macular degeneration. The more time you spend in the sun without proper protection, the higher your chances for UVR-related eye disorders. Children’s eyes are especially at risk for UVR-related eye disorders.

What can you do to protect your eyes from the sun? You can start by reducing your exposure to UVA by as much as 50 percent simply by wearing a wide brimmed hat and protective sunglasses. Experts recommend that the lenses in your sunglasses transmit no more than one percent UVA and UVB. This is accomplished by a UV filter that is applied to the lens. A polarized filter can also be incorporated into the spectacle lens to reduce the glare that bounces off horizontal surfaces, such as water. Enjoy the sunshine, but remember to take care of your eyes!

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