Alumni Letters

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Dawn stands next to Leader Dog CEO Sue Daniels in a parking lot in front of a Chief Financial Credit Union banner. Both women are smiling and have their arms on each other's shoulders. Between them sits black Labrador Leader Dog Lady in her leather harness

Dawn Rudolph (left), LD Lady and Leader Dog
President & CEO Sue Daniels pose for a photo at the
2017 Bark & Brew event.

Lady has truly changed my life. I’m more independent and more confident out in public. Her guiding work is amazing and when we were at Bark & Brew all the Future Leader Dogs, people and music did not faze her one bit!

Lady and I have been a team for almost two years. We have come so far. In August of 2016, I had the opportunity to meet Lady’s puppy raiser at Fort Dodge Correctional Facility and it was very emotional for me to say thank you for raising Lady. Kevin [the inmate raiser] and I were both crying and everyone around us was in tears. When I told Kevin I flew to Iowa, just Lady and I, he asked if that was the first time flying on my own. I replied YES! He whispered, “I’m so proud of you. It sounds like Leader Dog Lady has changed your way of life.” I replied, “Absolutely.”

I believe in the quote “A dog can change the way you see the world.” I see the world through Leader Dog Lady’s eyes... it’s the best way to see! I love life and my adventures with Lady because it’s always something new—and I can do it with confidence and, most of all, independence. Thank you to everyone at Leader Dogs for the Blind for changing my life!

Dawn and Leader Dog Lady Rudolph

Bruce sits outdoors on a blanket that is covering a small area of fall leaves. Black Labrador Leader Dog Mr. Ziggy lies on the blanket behind Bruce. Bruce is rubbing Mr. Ziggy's belly

Greetings from Canada. I just wanted you to know that Mr. Ziggy has exceeded all our expectations as a Leader Dog. He’s a healthy, happy, hardworking companion. He really enjoys exploring new environments. Whether we are in the bush camping or in a downtown setting, he does his job well. At home he is very relaxed and loves our winters. This September marked five years since Mr. Ziggy and I were matched.

Yours truly,
Bruce Boyd

An adult man in firefighter clothes helps to hold a fire hose spraying water. A young man, Brock, is holding the nozzle and spraying the water from the hose

Brock Ewing gets a lesson on how to work a fire hose
from a City of Troy fire fighter during Summer
Experience Camp.

My son, Brock Ewing, attended your summer camp and he enjoyed it to the fullest! I was so pleased by your staff, activities planned, and how clean and nice the campus was. The staff was so caring and sweet—I could tell you guys love what you do and it made me feel comfortable leaving my son in another state.

Brock couldn’t stop talking about the great things he experienced; how nice people were to him; how he met new, cool friends; and how he learned new stuff and taught others. He was so happy it brought me to tears. So, I want to thank all of your staff and sponsors for making our lives better! This is a special program that I will rave about! I appreciate you giving my son this amazing experience!!!

A pleased mother, Dawn Wolfe

A German shepherd, Rockne, lies on some brown grass with a baseball diamond visible in the background. Rockne is in his leather Leader Dog harness and leash

Rockne is doing extremely well and is absolutely adorable. He has pretty much become our local celebrity. We can’t go anywhere without women flocking to us. Our church has also pretty much adopted him and tried to claim him as their own. It’s been really great to have their support.

He has absolutely been the perfect dog for me. His intelligence and obedience is phenomenal. We have so much fun together. That’s why I’m attaching photos to share our happiness with you. Thank you so much for giving me such an outstanding dog.

Jonathan Dixon